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I am the one who works in the field and the home. I am the one who is left behind after the "farmer" you see is gone, escaping from the miseries you put him through. With him or without him, I work the fields, pay off the debts feed you while struggling to feed and marry my own. I am not "from" a religion, but your "Annapurna" despite the religion...You were supposed to be my eternal lover. But you betrayed me, why did you make me the “weaker” the “fairer” ,the “other” side of the coin. Or was it not you, but your devotees who used you did that. I do not know, I still worship you for you will be nothing without my love.

Conceptual Acrylic Painting on Canvas
I am a Farmer Not a Terrorist
Acrylic on Canvas
20" x 24"