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Art Poem: "Sara Paani Sharaab Ho Jayee" (Let all the Water Turn to Alcohol)

Featured Paintings (In order of appearance):

1. The First Day of Summer
2. Crying
3. Annapurna the Goddess of Food
4. Bleeding
5. Barren

Hi everyone,
I feel particularly elated to introduce to you an unique Art meets Poetry collaboration I was a part of recently.
The lyrics written by poet and my dear husband Sundeep Kohli are given a new life by music and voice of Ustad Sukhawat Ali Khan. Ustad Sukhawat is a well known name in the classical music tradition. He performs in the works fusion ensemble Shahbaz in California. Sundeep has been stringing together powerful words often in form of satire and sentiments in his poetry and regularly shared his prose in Bay Area poet meets.
Now, what a eco-feminist artist is doing in this Jugalbandi you may wonder.
Well, the two graciously incorporated my art as a backdrop for their words. My paintings try to find a voice with the running theme. If you take some time and observe the video closely, the art turns more intense more powerful as the lyrics progresses.
In a works of music videos and techno beats this art meets poetry collaboration is special to me. It teaches us the power of simplicity and saying a lot without too many tools.
My subtle landscapes speak about the poets thoughts about the world. The video starts with grey, somber tones as the poet laments about the disintegrating world. The art then turns into more evolving Color palette then matches the mood of the lyrics.
I urge you to watch this new art meets poetry style we are trying to promote. It deserves a view for its simplicity in the chaotic world.