Three women, three generations, all connected by a loss of innocence...

If you all can, please take some time to watch my new poem video called "Kyunki Main Nahin Jantee Thee," which translates to "Because I Didn’t Know." It is close to my heart because it explores the systemic and subconscious repression women face in conservative societies. The most striking part of this repression is that those being repressed often do not even realize it is happening.

Throughout my life, I have been one of these women. I was made to believe I couldn’t do or be certain things. Looking back, I now see that the restrictions imposed on me were not always done so out of ill intent or even on purpose. Rather, people's views and intentions were shaped by a patriarchal society, which made discrimination against and repression of women the default and the "best" choice.

As times have changed, I have realised that so many of my strengths were neither recognised nor encouraged. I realised that even though the qualities and desires I possessed were good, it didn't matter because we were all taught to see women through narrow and limiting lenses. It is this societal upbringing that I question - both through my art and now also through my poetry.

I’ll be glad if you listen. Thank you for stopping by.


About Pratibimba:

Pratibimba is an art platform started by Sujata Tibrewala to support artists and is run by other artists. Pratibimba follows a democratic process where all artists involved decide the direction of the group. Furthermore, any artist part of this conglomerate can propose an idea and if they find at least one other collaborator within the conglomerate, Pratibimba will support them.

Currently, Pratibimba Artists meet over Zoom every weekend and on Facebook Live, until Pratibimba Finds a brick and mortar platform post COVID. In its previous avatar Pratibimba was called F.I.R.E. (Feel, Introspect, Rejuvenate and Express) at Naperville Chicago FIRE at Art Quench, FIRE at Examiner. We are always looking for fellow art travelers.

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