This video is part 3 of the Tri Femme art poem series. The Tri Femme series explores the lives of three women, one in her 40s and raised in India, one in her 20s and raised in the US, and one who is a timeless goddess. In this part, the women react to the patriarchy in their own ways. One embarks on the journey to break free, another experiences stereotypes placed on women made worse by colonialism, and one finds it best not to rebel but to fit in.

Learn more about the series and watch all the videos here.
UPCOMING IN WORKSHOPS: Pratibimba's 3-Day Art Retreat
In these chaotic times, it’s nice to have a space of respite to collaborate with other creatives, grow your artistic practice, and experiment with various media. Join us on the scenic San Joaquin River Delta for a 3-day immersion into art classes and workshops, yoga, and meditation.

Classes include Warli art, Plein art acrylics, kalamkari, and Mughal miniature art. Workshops include miniature sculpture and drawing intensives. Mornings will begin with early meditation and yoga to prepare us for a day of art intensives. Enjoy delicious nutrient-dense vegan meals and walks by the river. Sign up here.

WHILE YOU'RE HERE, expand your art practice every day with a 22-day art challenge!

Start your 2022 by expanding your creativity. Follow along with Sujata Tibrewala as she does an art exercise each day for 22 days. The exercises are easy and can be as short or as long as you want. You can do one exercise or all, and go at your own pace. The goal is simply to add creative exercises into your life to make artmaking fun and free of pressure. Learn more and join her in this challenge through the YouTube playlist or Instagram.