Sujata's Art at Arts Mosaic Mission San Jose
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We are all but packets of energy. Neutrons protons and electrons, that are building blocks of not just human beings but also of the universe are nothing but packets of energy, coming into material existence only when there is a conscious observer. This means we are all nothing but waves of energy. This means that when we touch each other, we never actually touch, it is our electro-magnetic fields that actually touch.

Growing up I grew up believing “everything is maya or mirage” as per Indian philosophy. As an adult when I came across the science of subatomic particles as nothing but energy waves as per quantum electronics (the basis of entire electronic industry) I understood that the entire universe is nothing but one cohesive connected entity. In this show I will explore the ways we are connected to each other humans, animals and every particle of the universe.

Pratibimba | Sujata Tibrewala

Sujata's Art and Poetry Performance at La Pena, Berkeley CA

Recently I had the honor of performing at the La Pena Cultural Center and the UC Berkeley Womxn of Color Initiative. The Empowering Womxn of Color Open Mic saw many women of Color presenting powerful, robust thoughts. I picked up a poem in Hindi my mother younger which spoke about my experiences, growing up as a girl child in India in the 70s. Coming to the US as an adult in 2000s one would believe that many of the prejudices we encountered back in a India would be nonexistent here. But how wrong I was. Turns out subjugation, power play, gender bias plays out even in ‘developed’ societies.

If you have time do go to link above to click at my performance that begins at 1.03. The second link is just my 5 minute performance at my youtube channel.

OnGoing In person Art Classes at River Island

In the ongoing art classes participants pick what want to paint while they learn the concepts of light and color, human proportions, optics of painting the eye and other masterpieces. They walk away with a finished piece of art at the end of each class, be it "Raya and the Dragon", Van Gogh's "Starry Night" or a landscape that means something to them. Creative sessions such as these and many more await you at our workshops and classes. Choose from Mandala making, Art-i-science, character drawing, and many more classes.

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WHILE YOU'RE HERE, check out Sujata painting her latest Madhubani Curvy Yoga painting, reclaiming yoga for all brown women from India I am curvy “technically #obese” woman who has been practicing yoga for years and running #marathons as well . It is just my metabolism and #hypothyroidism that determines my body shape . So people are always surprised when they see me strike these poses because all they have seen is wafer thin white women doing yoga in tight lulu lemon clothes . So here is me #reclaiming #yoga for my own culture through my #curvyyoga series. This one features a curvy woman from #bihar doing #downdog or #adhomukhasvanasana in a comfortable #saree against the backdrop of #madhubani paintings. To see more from these series visit my website linked in my bio under portfolio-> curvy yoga series … #brownwomeninart #artistsoninstagram #watercolor #waterbrush"