This COVID relief Fundraiser Request featured on American Bazaar Online (Article Link)

Lots of daily wage workers in India are left with no way to feed themselves and their families. Some of us are trying to provide a food packet with Dry Ingredients as below which will last a family of four for at least a couple of weeks (20$ USD ~ INR 1500):
20 kilo atta Rs: 400 5 Kilo rice: Rs 150 2 Kilo Sugar: Rs 150 1 pack tea: Rs 200 1 Litre Oil: Rs 100 2 Kgs Lentil: Rs 200 Dry Milk Powder: Rs 100 Spices: 200 (link to the fundraiser). I am amplifying my request to raise funds for India through my painting. Please donate to this fundraiser or any charity of your choice for Covid relief and send me a proof of donation. As a Thank You gesture I will send you a digital print of this painting or my Mandala artwork (Link to Artwork) if you are within US. If you are outside of US you will get an online print.

About this Painting
I started to paint a traditional Kalamkari art to take my mind off all the happenings in India, but halfway through I saw the goddess having difficulty breathing due to all Covid around and I felt compelled to give her oxygen.

In the recent past, there have been conversations (in India) around mandir and masjid. But those who are affected are people from all religions. Corona does not care. If Hindus go for a congregation they will get affected. Same is the case with Muslims or any other political party.

My country, the melting pot of all cultures has been reduced to this fighting in the name of religion, caste, political ideology. This is cruel reminder that instead we should be all fighting the common enemy – Covid.