• We are all but packets of energy. Neutrons protons and electrons, that are building blocks of not just human beings but also of the universe are nothing but packets of energy, coming into material existence only when there is a conscious observer. This means we are all nothing but waves of energy. This means that when we touch each other, we never actually touch, it is our electro-magnetic fields that actually touch.

    Growing up I grew up believing “everything is maya or mirage” as per Indian philosophy. As an adult when I came across the science of subatomic particles as nothing but energy waves as per quantum electronics (the basis of entire electronic industry) I understood that the entire universe is nothing but one cohesive connected entity. In this show I will explore the ways we are connected to each other humans, animals and every particle of the universe.

  • Sujata's Art and Poetry Performance at La Pena, Berkeley CA

    Sujata's Art and Poetry Performance at La Pena, Berkeley CA

    La Pena's recording of Sujata's Performance at 1:03 Mark

    Same Performance at Sujata's You Tube Channel

    La Peña Cultural Center and the UC Berkeley Women of ColorX Initiative collaborate once again to brought "The Empowering Women of Color Open Mic!" The theater vibrated at EWOC Open Mic with the energy of powerful women speaking their truth! Click on the Video links above to have a taste of the performances.

    Recently I had the honor of performing at the La Pena Cultural Center and the UC Berkeley Womxn of Color Initiative. The Empowering Womxn of Color Open Mic saw many women of Color presenting powerful, robust thoughts. I picked up a poem in Hindi my mother younger which spoke about my experiences, growing up as a girl child in India in the 70s. Coming to the US as an adult in 2000s one would believe that many of the prejudices we encountered back in a India would be nonexistent here. But how wrong I was. Turns out subjugation, power play, gender bias plays out even in ‘developed’ societies.

    If you have time do go to link above to click at my performance that begins at 1.03. The second link is just my 5 minute performance at my youtube channel.

    I speak about seeing my mom succumbing herself to the expectations of elders and never realising her potential. I learnt many important lessons from there - resilience and positive rebellion being just a couple of them. So grateful to @lapenaculturalcenter for opening their doors to such initiative and @UCberkeley for letting us present our thoughts
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  • Pratibimba 3-Day Immersive Art Retreat

    Pratibimba 3-Day Immersive Art Retreat

    In these chaotic times, it’s nice to have a space of respite to collaborate with other creatives, grow your artistic practice, and experiment with various media. Join us on the scenic San Joaquin River Delta for a 3-day immersion into art classes and workshops, yoga, and meditation. Classes include Warli art, Plein art acrylics, kalamkari, and Mughal miniature art. Workshops include miniature sculpture and drawing intensives. Mornings will begin with early meditation and yoga to prepare us for a day of art intensives. Enjoy delicious nutrient-dense vegan meals and walks by the river.

    2 Scholarships are available for Dorm/Loft Style. Please send a 300-word minimum request for scholarship or discount to Sujata Tibrewala

    River Islands Lathrop, CA

    More information and sign up here

  • Mandala Reinvented at Life Force Arts July-August

    Mandala Reinvented at Life Force Arts July-August

    lifeforcearts.org/events/madala-reinven… Mandala Re-Invented Class at Life Force Arts|

  • How To Create Your Art Diary: On Going Weekend FB Live Group

    How To Create Your Art Diary: On Going Weekend FB Live Group

    I started this Group on May 22 2020 when the world was under lockdown. It started with me teaching others about art skills and it has now evolved into a safe platform where Artists and Art Enthusiasts can learn from each other and exchange ideas at an equal level without fear of Judgement...Art is definitely what brings this group together but more important is that we value everyone's opinion and art, because there are enough forums where we are judged and we judge ourselves.

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  • Mandala Reivented at Tahoe Art League

    Mandala Reivented at Tahoe Art League

    Mandalas literally means a circle and have existed in traditional art
    for almost 12000 years, Sri Yantra being one of the earliest examples.
    It represents the universe and the inner self and its self symmetric
    designs are pleasing to the eyes. They are known to reduce stress,
    anxiety, depression and help one calm down. Artist Sujata Tibrewala
    takes them to another level and uses modern symbols and watercolor
    techniques to represent the modern world we live in today. In this
    series of 4 classes you will learn dig into symbols that are
    meaningful to you and paint it within the forgiving symmetrical
    patterns of Mandala while you inadvertently learn skills such as
    visual and colour Perspective, colour theory, patterns in nature, and modern watercolor techniques.

  • Mandala Class 100% of Tution goes to Asha Learning/COVID program

    Mandala Class 100% of Tution goes to Asha Learning/COVID program

    Mandalas are thousands of years old art creations created within a circle and represent the universe and our souls within. They are amazing symmetrical structures that can de stress the creator and the onlooker alike with known medical benefits. In this class we will take a modern approach to creating mandala. In this series we will start with a basic mandala grid, find ways to create depth and symmetry , use modern water color techniques and creative eye to find mandala patterns in nature and create them.Instructor Sujata Tibrewala who leads the sessions is an eco-artist (www.pratibimba.info) who has exhibited at major art venues in India and USA like Lalit Kala Academy and University of Illinois, Chicago. She is an engineer by profession and works as technology evangelist/developer community manager at IntelPlease note that the last day to register is a week before the class, if and only if you need to purchase the material for the class. This time is needed to procure the material for you. For a class that is on April 24th , the last day to register is April 17th. The kit for the class will be available for pick up in Milpitas. The email with the location and timing for pick-up will be sent once registration is complete. In case you dont need to buy the material but still need an idea of what materials will be needed for the class, please send us an email at sv.learning@ashanet.org

  • Creating Mandala Re-invented- 5 PM PST, Saturday (Eight Sessions)

    Creating Mandala Re-invented- 5 PM PST,  Saturday (Eight Sessions)

    Mandala Re-invented: Come learn the beauty behind symmetric circles of Mandala with me and let's discover the cosmic energies together! As the ancient art of Mandalas dating back to centuries and civilizations gains attention in popular culture, I am happy to announce my 8 session long immersive online experience for all art lovers. In my interactive Mandala classes I will begin with teaching basic grid formation that forms the epicenter of all Mandala art and move on to more complex, intuitive patterns. Towards the end, we would also dive into the beginnings of Mandalas by learning about the 10,000 year old mystic Mandala formations. Whether you are a student, art lover, art aficionado or someone looking for a creative outlet to de-stress, the Mandala-Re-invented program would benefit you immensely.
    The sessions begin March 7, 2021 onwards
    Click to register

  • Workshop Latest Jan 2015

  • Sujata Tibrewala on India Art Collector