Pratibimba's Projects

The Tri Femme Video Poem Series:

Part 1:
Kyunki Main Nahi Jantee Thi (Because I Did Not Know)

Part 2:
Naye Naye Shabd (New Words)

Part 3:
Rasoi Se Nikal Kar (After Leaving the Kitchen)

This video project combines Sujata Tibrewala's artwork and poetry with Lakshmi Rao's music to share the stories of three women. One is in her 40s and grew up in India, the other is in her 20s and raised in the US, and one is a timeless goddess. They exist in three distinct cultures, times, and generations. Still, their stories intersect, exposing both the insidious ways in which the patriarchy regenerates each generation and the power women gain when they reclaim themselves and their worth.

Sujata Tibrewala on the series:
It is close to my heart because it explores the systemic and subconscious repression women face in conservative societies. The most striking part of this repression is that those being repressed often do not even realize it is happening.

Throughout my life, I have been one of these women. I was made to believe I couldn’t do or be certain things. Looking back, I now see that the restrictions imposed on me were not always done so out of ill intent or even on purpose. Rather, people's views and intentions were shaped by a patriarchal society, which made discrimination against and repression of women the default and the "best" choice. It is this societal upbringing that I question - both through my art and now also through my poetry.