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ART for Hunger at Intel by Mother Daughter duo
This art show at Intel is our first mother (Sujata Tibrewala) and daughter (Pankhuri Kohli) show and all the proceeds from the show will directly go to the shelter because we are donating the original art and the cost of printing and shipping to you. We are doing this because we believe these homeless and poor deserve our help same as any in the poor countries. Just because they live in the most powerful nation of this world does not mean their struggles are any less than their counterparts around the world. We are aware that not everyone can come to the show physically, hence we are hoping you could donate to this cause virtually.

See what PRESS is saying,

"Budding artist Pankhuri Kohli illustrates the trappings of contemporary lives"---CHB blog

"Almost with a genius stroke of her brush, the artist busts the myth of ‘perfect beauty,' as pushed by mainstream media."--Bezinga)

What: Santa Clara Winter Art & Crafts Fair
When: Tuesday, November 29th
Time: 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Where: Intel RNB, Santa Clara, CA
Cost: Free!

If you cannot make it to the event please donate through CROWD RISE

10$ donation (online, 5$ in person) :
Will get you a book marker with an art print of your choice

30$ donation (online, 20$ in person) :
Will get you an 8 X 10 matted art print of an art of your choice

50$ donation:  
Will get you a matted framed 8 X 10  art print of an art of your choice

100$ donation:
Will get you a 8 X 10 canvas print  art print of an art of your choice

500$ donation:
Will get you an original art of your choice

Once we receive the donation we will contact you with the art print you like or you could contact us at for the art you are interested in so we can ship you the art print/art of your choice.