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As legend goes when Sita was two or two and a half year old, her father Janak, found an enormous bow called "Shiv Dhanush" buried under ground. While it was lying in its box, Sita could lift it herself with her little hands. Seeing this Janak was surprised because it had taken four soldiers to lift it before. This was when Janak decided her husband would be required to lift the "Shiv Dhanush", to ensure he can match her strength.

But then as she grew up she became a docile woman waiting to get married and then a shadow of her husband Rama after her marriage, obeyeing him to the letter z, and humouring his every request. The way I see it Sita, she as a child was most alive, but she killed herself as she grew. She passes through different life stages from childhood, adolescence, marriage, post marriage. But her final act of decision and control when she ends her own life, is a moment when she lives again....

Conceptual Acrylic and Oil Painting on Canvas
Acrylic and Oil on Canvas
36" x 48"