About Pratibimba

The word Pratibimba (pronounced: Pruh-tea-bim-baa) comes from Sanskrit and means "a reflected image." The word captures a powerful truth that the reflected image of an object stands on its own. After all, reflecting an object creates an image of new forms and meanings depending on the method of reflection. As such, artmaking functions as a form of reflection, allowing us to create images that reflect OUR perception of ourselves, our lives, and our world.

Inspired by this concept, Sujata Tibrewala, a practicing artist herself, started Pratibimba. Pratibimba is an art platform dedicated to teaching and supporting creatives in using art as a tool to reflect, express, and transform. It aims to bring together people of all backgrounds and skillsets in creating art that reflects them and their values. The main goal is to empower everyone with the power of art, even those who wouldn't consider themselves "artists."

Our platform offers workshops that nurture peoples' inner artists and teach individuals to use art to add meaning to their lives. Pratibimba is also a collective of artists dedicated to supporting artists in their journeys. Member artists use a democratic process to decide the direction of the group. Furthermore, they can propose their own project ideas and as long as they find at least one other collaborator within the conglomerate, Pratibimba supports them. As a result, member artists often collaborate on projects and artwork. We also do projects to benefit our community and further causes that reflect our values.

Currently, Pratibimba Artists meet over Zoom every weekend and on Facebook Live, until Pratibimba finds a brick and mortar platform post-COVID. In its previous avatar, Pratibimba was called F.I.R.E. (Feel, Introspect, Rejuvenate, and Express) at Naperville Chicago FIRE at Art Quench, FIRE at Examiner. We are always looking for fellow creatives.

Contact us via the contact page or join the FB live stream if you want to become part of this movement.