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Juried Multi-Disciplinary Art Show
March-April 2014

The diva , the divine , the great mother, still lives on in millions of hearts through Mary, Athena, Kaali, Lakshmi , Durga , Saraswati and many other incarnations. From the Goddess found from Egypt, Nile, and then found all over the world, Mohenjo-Daro /Harappa, Africa, Celtic belt, at about 2500-1500 BC, to the goddesses known today like Maat from Egypt, Athena Demeter, and Isis from Greece and France, Kaali from India, Ishtaar from Babylonia, they represent all human qualities known to man, positive and negative, generation, destruction, love, sex, knowledge, health, disease, war and peace.The world of goddesses is quite different from the world of “God” where god is good and “Devil” evil. Much like humans, the gods of the goddess era (many are surviving today) had all shades of human character between black and white.

At one time, the worship of the gods prospered because of the goddesses, yet today she is losing in the battle of the masculine versus the feminine. She is boxed, and unable to express herself today. The societies world over have set stringent norms on how she looks, or what she says or what she does with her life.

Although some of the women are strong and confident enough to break molds, and followed their hearts despite what world told them. Yet there are millions who are in secure and do not know how to find fountain of courage within themselves to make choices in their lives. There are countless brilliant leaders, inventors, writers, directors, businesswomen, philanthropists, actresses who we know. But there are many unsung heroins who go about their lives silently, breaking small molds everyday.

Share a story , a part of culture or a work of art which tells us the real life story of how these females have changed your lives or how you have touched lives of others so they could break their own molds.

For it is time to understand that the subjugation of the feminine also means subjugation of masculine, because they loose their closest aide in a fight to be the "man"!


About the Judge
Teresa J. Parker is Curator of Exhibitions and University Art Collections and also teaches studio art and art history at the Benedictine University, Chicago, Illionois. She has exhibited her artwork throughout the United States, Asia, Latin America; and is the recipient of numerous awards, including grants from the National Endowment of Humanities, the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and the Illinois Art Council. She received MFA and MS degrees in printmaking and drawing from Illinois State University in Normal, IL, and a BFA in painting and printmaking from Miami University in Oxford, OH.

Parker has earned acclaim through her curatorial experiences with Curtis Allen Turner Fine Arts (Chicago) and for serving as the founding director of Parker Press, Curator/Interim Director for Elmhurst Art Museum, and Director/Curator of the Crown Center Gallery at Loyola University, Chicago. In addition to curating over one hundred fifty exhibitions of contemporary art for galleries, universities and museums, she has curated several international exchange exhibitions. Parker's continuing interest in women's and children's rights led her to work as Art Consultant for AKTSinc., a not-for-profit organization concerned with promoting the welfare of indigenous Micronesian women and children. From 2007-2009, she also directed the Coral Rose Foundation, a not-for-profit organization devoted to the social and artistic preservation of indigenous cultures.

Submit: Your expression of art, story, music, performance, painting, sculpture, ceramic, jewelry, fabric, video, installation...Images must be in jpg format (max. 10mb 4000 pixels longest side) & include title_dimensions.

Submit: A summary (50 words or less) optional

Submit: A short one sentence description of each piece.

Eligibility: International, artists, writers, poets, performers, photographer...

Deadline for Submissions:
Statement of Interest : December 31st
Final Submission: January 31, 2013

Eligibilty: International, presence preferred

Venue: Women's organisations and public parks. This is a grass root exhibition, the goal is to educate those who could benefit maximum from this. Any suggestions welcome from submitter.

Honoring The Goddess in everyone
Call for Art