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Sujata Tibrewala talks about a diaspora of women from history and today who epitomize the unconventional qualities of the female sex at RAW San Jose on November 19th. These are women who are comfortable in their own skin, they do not fit into the idea of what society thinks a "women" is, and yet each one demonstrates the beauty of human body and spirit in their own unique way.

"Lucy" (first human known to have lived) and Pam Reed (first human to run 300 miles without sleeping) are excellent example of female strength according to Tibrewala. She observes that Lucy was as strong as her male counterpart as she was an equal partner in hunting and gathering, and was also carrying the babies around while they were at it. Pam Reed is an excellent example of what a female body can achieve given proper training and time. After all, years of domestication renders even the lions unable to fend for themselves, and women have been domesticated for 100s of years now. (read more...)

In search of my own skin", Sujata Tibrewala shares her unusual icons in feminine Strength at RAW San Jose
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