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Annapurna: The Goddess of Food
Annapurna: The Goddess of Food

I am capable of extracting food from the womb of mother earth

Months and years of toil, sweat and blood
To feed you while I and my own go hungry
Because I love the land I toil on

So if you threaten to snatch it
With your big purses
I will wait patiently

Your water cannons are but rains
I miss so much on my parched earth
Your barbed wire and bullets
Are not worse than the rope of debt
Always hanging on my neck

I will not wait for you to give me food
Did you forgot I am the one who feeds you ?

So I will grow my own food
On the sides of the path
I sit on while I wait
Until you take your purses away
And leave me alone
To feed “you” and “my family”.

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